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“Sexy Inspirations for Everyday Creations”

What makes food Sexy?

I get this question a lot from people who are not card carrying members of the foodie club. They eat to live not live to eat. You know them right? The ones that say “I,m really not hungry” when you present a 7 layer strawberry torte with fresh home grown organic strawberries, whipped cream and dark chocolate from Chuao, Venezula shaved on top.  Uh- huh. Well, I can’t explain it to them. But for my fabulous foodie friends, here is what sexy food is:

  •  The sensation of chocolate as it hits your tongue and starts melting.
  • The ice-cold glass of lemonade as you tip the cold glass to your mouth on a hot summer day. Even the sight of it makes your mouth water.
  • The drip of aioli as it slowly slides down the side of a juicy hot burger topped with tender butter lettuce and heirloom tomatoes at the height of their season.
  • The melty gouda cheese and bacon that pulls between the two halves of your grilled cheese sandwich.
  • The scoop of ice cream on your cone as it warms up to the summer air and just starts to melt ever so slightly and you lick it real quick.

Sexy food is catching food at a moment in time. The time is somewhere between just made and ready to take a bite. It draws the viewer in and jumpstarts their daydream. It arouses the appetite and produces excitement. It makes us smile. And if it’s something that we might give the term “sinful” then it may make us feel a little guilty in our reckless abandon.

How do we capture this sexy food moment through photography? What is the trick? Well, I for one, think it’s a combination of things. One, a food stylist who knows how to get his or her sexy on and two, a photographer skilled in the fine art of lighting seduction.

Here are a few examples of photos that I believe capture this moment, this sexy food. Enjoy your daydream!


panini burgercraig1

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